AK Mission:
Anthem Kids exists to partner with families in helping kids meet Christ and experience life to the full.

Our Values:
Safety and Security
We believe children should feel safe spiritually, emotionally, and physically while in our program. Kids will learn and want to be here when they feel safe. (All of our staff and volunteers have been background checked.)

Bible Based
We believe the Bible is the foundation of our faith in God.

Application Oriented
We believe children should understand how God’s Word can make a difference in their everyday lives.

Spiritual Gifts
We believe an important part of the Christian life is exploring and identifying the spiritual gifts God gives each believer. Therefore, we incorporate the exploration of spiritual gifts into our program.

Relationship Focused
We believe children will grow and develop when they experience a relationship with a loving, caring adult.

Child Centered/Creative and Fun
We believe our program should focus on what is best for kids, not what is easiest or most comfortable for adults. Our focus is excellence for kids.

For any questions you can reach out to the Anthem Kid’s Director Nicola Evans at nicola@myanthemchurch.com.