Women’s Ministry

Hey Bible Study Babes,

Join us for our upcoming women’s bible study, Grit Don’t Quit, by Bianca Olthoff. She is actually the guest speaker night one of the Lovely conference our women’s ministry will be attending! Starting Tuesday 4/16, from 6:30-8:30pm, for four weeks. Ending on 5/7. We worship, watch the video teaching, and break off into groups to discuss.

Childcare provided for a small fee. Scholarships also provided, just email lauren@myanthemchurch.com. More info on the study below.

Grit Don’t Quit:

The Bible talks a lot about grit, but it doesn’t exactly use the word. Scripture uses terms like perseverance and endurance to describe doing difficult things and having the determination to keep moving despite challenges and weariness. But grit is just a little bit something extra, right? The grittiest of all characters in the Bible was the Apostle Paul and he is known for his ability to get back up and keep going no.matter.what because Paul was not Paul’s sole focus.

In this five-week video Bible study, Bible teacher and preacher Bianca Olthoff dives into the stories of Paul and others who have come before us to show how they overcame the same life circumstances we struggle with today. You will learn how to keep going—that it’s never by your own strength and it’s always for God’s glory that you get.back.up.

Let’s get honest, vulnerable, and brave all at once. Let’s stop letting life take us out and let’s start living for something greater!

Sign up here: Grit Don’t Quit WBS – Anthem Church (churchcenter.com)

Hello Anthem Women!

We are switching things up this year. We will not be having our regular Anthem Women’s retreat, instead we will be jumping into the Lovely Conference that Daybreak Church hosts. Daybreak is the church that planted us so it will be so fun to partner with them at their conference. 

We are especially looking forward to Bianca Olthoff as a speaker. We will be doing her bible study next! 

ALSO, make sure you select Anthem Church when you go to register so I am able to contact you and see that you registered. Price goes up March 8th so register soon. 

We will be adding in a few elements that are special for our Anthem Women. The details are below, instead of having lunch on your own we have reserved the upper level of Pizza Port in Bressi Ranch so our women can eat together.

We are also looking into getting a room block at a nearby hotel in case you do want to feel like you are “retreating.” 

Registration link https://daybreak.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/2110574 

Want to go but need a scholarship? Will out the form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWP5OvYvEreDrUgK8fMY9A2yZMNvlRcuw70NseQlZtuVUX1w/viewform?usp=sf_link


Grab your girlfriends and come experience 2 days of powerful worship, speakers, great food, activities, and lots of fun! This weekend is designed to allow for intentional time to hear from God and experience all He has for you!

We are so excited to welcome our guest speaker, Bianca Olthoff! 

Bianca is an inspiring speaker and author that serves as a Pastor at the Father’s House in Orange County. She is passionate about God’s Word and she teaches around the globe and on her blog/podcasts about life, love, and the pursuit of Jesus.  She strives to inspire today’s generation to discover meaning and purpose in Jesus! WEEKEND SCHEDULEFriday:4:00-5:00 – Welcome Party for First Time Lovely Weekender’s5:00-6:30 – Registration/Dinner6:45-8:00 – Session 18:00-9:00 – After Party

 Saturday:8:00-9:15 – Breakfast9:15-12:00 – Session 212:00-5:00 – Afternoon Activities and lunch (we are planning an Anthem Women’s Lunch. Info to come.)5:00-6:45 – Dinner6:45-8:00 – Session 3Saturday afternoon activities to choose from:Beach WalkEasy and Intermediate HikePickleballShoppingBuncoHand Embroidery WorkshopCooking ClassCandle MakingPlant potting workshopPark Hyatt Spa DayPrice is $119 and will go up to $139 on March 8- so register now!

ANTHEM CHURCH- Standard$119

ANTHEM CHURCH- High School Student$99

ANTHEM CHURCH-College Student$99

ANTHEM CHURCH-Active Military$99

Please reach out to LOVELY@daybreakchurch.org with any questions.With love,The Lovely Team

Separate event:

Room Block Interest: 

If you are interested in getting a hotel room for Friday-Saturday of the Lovely Conference so you can really feel like you’re “retreating” please fill out the interest form! You can go in on it with a group of friends from church or we can try to match you up.  Let me know if you have any questions!